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Couples/Relationship Therapy

What is Couples/Relationship Therapy?

Couples/relationship therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on helping romantic partners improve their relationship. It can be helpful for couples/relationships who are experiencing a range of issues, from communication problems to major conflicts. Couples/relationship therapy provides a safe and neutral space for partners to discuss their problems, improve their communication, and work on solutions together.

One of the most important aspects of couples/relationship therapy is that it helps partners build healthy attachments and understand each other’s perspectives and experiences. Partners often come into therapy with different ideas about what the problem is and how it should be solved. A therapist can help them explore their individual needs and wants, relational impasses, work to find common ground, and repair attachment ruptures. This can lead to a better understanding of each other and a stronger, more supportive and connected relationship.

Finally, couples/relationship therapy can help partners strengthen their relationship overall. Even if there are no specific problems or concerns, therapy can be a way for partners to connect on a deeper level and enhance their emotional intimacy. By focusing on each other’s strengths and building on shared values and goals, you can create more fulfilling and satisfying relationships.

Overall, couples/relationship therapy can be a valuable resource for partners who are experiencing problems in their relationship or simply want to improve their communication and connection. By working with a skilled couples/relationship therapist, partners can gain insights into their relationship, learn new skills, and build a stronger, more supportive relationship.

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