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Villa Barrett

"Little" M Vila-Barrett, LMFT #117302

Little (they/them) is a transgender rights advocate, transracial Indigenous adoptee from Colombia, a queer mixed-race person, community activist, and mental health advocate. Little has been working with young people in various levels of programming and community-based mental health roles for over 20 years.

Little is an expressive arts therapist, harm reduction therapist, certified professional coach, and member of American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and Queer and Trans Advocacy Network. Their work focuses on developing and enhancing individuals’ internal strengths, cultural identity, empowerment, disability/neurodivergent advocacy, and internal decolonization. Their work combines Western and non-Western therapeutic skills, creative outlets, cultural matching, and person centered methods to create collaboration, resource building and witnessing.

Coming from personal disability life experience and advocating for themselves with multiple intersecting identities, Little can speak from individual knowledge as a QPOC Indigenous, nonbinary, neurodivergent person.

Little helps people develop their own narrative, explore their unique cultural identities and engage in the lifelong work of overcoming systemic oppressive barriers and healing. Little’s work focuses on QBIPOC, QLGBTQ+2SP identity development, strengthening and honoring these identities from a person centered place. Gender support is an open and welcoming, expansive based approach that works with transgender and gender expansive diverse populations and their families.

Little works with people from a strength based way to break down walls of social stigmas, microaggressions to find one’s inner voice, create tools for everyday survival through creative means to stop cycles of harm. With a trauma based therapy framework for healing and creative process tools, these in combination with guidance and coaching help to honor personal truth.

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